Slide Hill - Syrah

Slide Hill Vineyard - Edna Valley

Vineyard Manager: Kevin Wilkinson

Year Planted: 2005

Acreage: 39 

Varietal: Syrah

Clones: Estrella, 383, 877, Alban PB, UCD 1, 174

Elevation: 325 feet and tops out at 470 feet above sea level

Soil: The vineyard grows on mostly Tierra Loam soil which is moderately well drained and has low available water capacity and Chamise shaly loam which is well drained

Climate: Region I -The climate is subhumid mesothermal with cool moist winters and cool dry summers. The mean annual precipitation is 12 to 25 inches. Mean annual temperature is about 57 degrees to 59 degrees F., average January temperature is about 52 degrees F., and average July temperature is about 63 degrees F. The average frost-free season is 200 to 300 days.